This is an important lesson because kids need to learn about the dangers of storms

1. Students will come to the circle time and listen to the story “Lightning and Thunderstorms” by Mike Graf.

2. Discussion will be held with students about lightning and that it can be dangerous; also looking at the website

3. While the discussion is being held, teacher’s assistant or parent volunteer will video tape the process.
* Discussion will include:
1. Lightning definition
2. Lightning safety rules (video)
3. Lightning consequences etc.

4. As students participate in discussion, teacher will write down their comments using Microsoft Word program and over-head projector that students could see.

5. After the discussion, students will be formed in small 2-3 groups and will be given directions for visiting NOAA Photo Library.

6. Students will look at different pictures of lightning and short definitions/descriptions and decide in group which definition they will use and which photograph they like the best.

7. Students will print ( 3 per group) pictures of lightning to be used in further dicussion.

8. Students will illustrate 3 lightning safety rules on paper to make posters, or class book on lightning topic.

9. After the lesson has been completed, class will watch their participation and work recorded on video


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