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Alison Gutsmiedl

I think these lessons are wonderful for young children…

1. The students will explore the different parts of the shedd aquarium through a virtual tour on their computer in the computer lab. They will do this on their own or with a partner. Then they will take one of their favorite things they saw on t he virtual tour and write a short story on it.

After visiting each exhibit the students will choose their favorite place they had visited on the virtual tour and write a short story and draw a picture on it.
We will then share what we learned as a class from going on a virtual tour. Last they will share their favorite animal or exhibit they visited while on the virtual tour.

2. The students will start off by researching using the internet to gain knowledge of the life stages of a butterfly. After learning the four stages the students will be asked to create a story of their own on a word document naming their butterfly and including the life stages of their butterfly in their story.


3. The students will learn to create a slide show of a person they choose by using a camera to take pictures of this person of interest over a period of five months. Each student will be given a throw away camera to take photos with and I will turn in there photos and put them on a CD. The students will gain knowledge of how to use Adobe Photo Shop and create a slide show with it of there favorite person in their life.

This lesson will be introduced to the students in their first week of school and it will be an on going process for the next five months. Come December this will be a completed assignment.
First the students will be told to think about their favorite person in their life. This person can be a friend, parent, teacher, sibling, or anyone else that means the world to them. Second the students will be told they will be creating a slide show of this person using pictures and Microsoft Power Point to create this slide show. Third I will introduce adobe Photo Shop to them and show them an example of a slide show that I have created. Next the students will each be handed a disposable camera and told to use the camera to take photos (with permission) of their favorite person in their lives starting now (August) till the first week of December. I will then collect the camera’s and take them to be converted into photos on a disk that they will be able to download from onto Adobe Photo Shop to create their slide show. I will finally explain to them that only photos may be taken that are appropriate and have permission to take the photo by their person of choice. If the students have music they would like to add to their slide show, I will help them to add that onto their slide show as well.


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