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Tom Kleine

I really like this idea and i feel that children could really benefit from learning about Indian tribes, because the past is what makes us and many children do not care about the past enough sometimes

 The students will:

-Look up two different chiefs on the internet.

-Write down facts on these two chiefs.

-Transfer these facts to a Venn diagram that they will create on a small piece of poster board.

-Present their Venn Diagrams to the class.

-Hang their Venn Diagrams on a wall in the classroom or in the hallway.

I also really like this lesson it could be a full learning experience for young children too!

The Filming of Pioneer Families




The students will:

– Answer the question, “What did Pioneer families talk about at the dinner table?”

– Form Pioneer groups and take on family roles.

– Write scripts for their family dinners.

– Practice acting out their scripts.

– Use costumes and props for their reenactment.

-Perform their dinner scene.

-Film and take pictures of other groups’ dinner scenes.

-Edit their pictures and film for a final product on movie maker.

-View their final products as a class.


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