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all of her lessons are very good for middle school history class, the things she talks about are great things to learn but not at the second grade level.  i can just tell that she knows what she is talking about and is probably a good teacher.


Tom Kleine

I really like this idea and i feel that children could really benefit from learning about Indian tribes, because the past is what makes us and many children do not care about the past enough sometimes

 The students will:

-Look up two different chiefs on the internet.

-Write down facts on these two chiefs.

-Transfer these facts to a Venn diagram that they will create on a small piece of poster board.

-Present their Venn Diagrams to the class.

-Hang their Venn Diagrams on a wall in the classroom or in the hallway.

I also really like this lesson it could be a full learning experience for young children too!

The Filming of Pioneer Families




The students will:

– Answer the question, “What did Pioneer families talk about at the dinner table?”

– Form Pioneer groups and take on family roles.

– Write scripts for their family dinners.

– Practice acting out their scripts.

– Use costumes and props for their reenactment.

-Perform their dinner scene.

-Film and take pictures of other groups’ dinner scenes.

-Edit their pictures and film for a final product on movie maker.

-View their final products as a class.


Great for little kids and they are good ideas that you can modify for any age group…


            1. As a class, we will review what healthy foods are, concentrating on fruits and vegetables.

            2. On Paper, each child will draw with crayons three of the foods they choose.

            3. After getting approval from the teacher, children will copy their pictures on to the computer using Microsoft Paint.


            1. Each child will decide on one thing that they like best about school.

            2. After getting the teachers approval they will be given a partner.

            3. With the help of a teacher, each pair will take turns videotaping one another talking about what they like about school.

Indre Gavenaite

This is a good idea that i will use a lot instead of actually going on a field trip

-Students will take a virtual field trip to experience underground adventure.

Students will identify benefits of underground creatures and benefits of soil.

Students will identify/ name different critters.

Students will state and illustrate three facts they learned about underground life.

Students will be provided with virtual tour web site:

This is an important lesson because kids need to learn about the dangers of storms

1. Students will come to the circle time and listen to the story “Lightning and Thunderstorms” by Mike Graf.

2. Discussion will be held with students about lightning and that it can be dangerous; also looking at the website

3. While the discussion is being held, teacher’s assistant or parent volunteer will video tape the process.
* Discussion will include:
1. Lightning definition
2. Lightning safety rules (video)
3. Lightning consequences etc.

4. As students participate in discussion, teacher will write down their comments using Microsoft Word program and over-head projector that students could see.

5. After the discussion, students will be formed in small 2-3 groups and will be given directions for visiting NOAA Photo Library.

6. Students will look at different pictures of lightning and short definitions/descriptions and decide in group which definition they will use and which photograph they like the best.

7. Students will print ( 3 per group) pictures of lightning to be used in further dicussion.

8. Students will illustrate 3 lightning safety rules on paper to make posters, or class book on lightning topic.

9. After the lesson has been completed, class will watch their participation and work recorded on video

Alison Gutsmiedl

I think these lessons are wonderful for young children…

1. The students will explore the different parts of the shedd aquarium through a virtual tour on their computer in the computer lab. They will do this on their own or with a partner. Then they will take one of their favorite things they saw on t he virtual tour and write a short story on it.

After visiting each exhibit the students will choose their favorite place they had visited on the virtual tour and write a short story and draw a picture on it.
We will then share what we learned as a class from going on a virtual tour. Last they will share their favorite animal or exhibit they visited while on the virtual tour.

2. The students will start off by researching using the internet to gain knowledge of the life stages of a butterfly. After learning the four stages the students will be asked to create a story of their own on a word document naming their butterfly and including the life stages of their butterfly in their story.


3. The students will learn to create a slide show of a person they choose by using a camera to take pictures of this person of interest over a period of five months. Each student will be given a throw away camera to take photos with and I will turn in there photos and put them on a CD. The students will gain knowledge of how to use Adobe Photo Shop and create a slide show with it of there favorite person in their life.

This lesson will be introduced to the students in their first week of school and it will be an on going process for the next five months. Come December this will be a completed assignment.
First the students will be told to think about their favorite person in their life. This person can be a friend, parent, teacher, sibling, or anyone else that means the world to them. Second the students will be told they will be creating a slide show of this person using pictures and Microsoft Power Point to create this slide show. Third I will introduce adobe Photo Shop to them and show them an example of a slide show that I have created. Next the students will each be handed a disposable camera and told to use the camera to take photos (with permission) of their favorite person in their lives starting now (August) till the first week of December. I will then collect the camera’s and take them to be converted into photos on a disk that they will be able to download from onto Adobe Photo Shop to create their slide show. I will finally explain to them that only photos may be taken that are appropriate and have permission to take the photo by their person of choice. If the students have music they would like to add to their slide show, I will help them to add that onto their slide show as well.


I think making an ABC book is a great idea because each child can receive a different letter and take their time and really make that letter and picture as colorful and detailed as possible.  they can use clip art or they can even draw the picture if they really want to.

Stefanie D’Agostino

 I will create a blog for my students as soon as i graduate so the parents can access it and well as the students.

In order to better understand The Tempest, students will be responsible for answering questions posted on the teacher’s blog site every week.  Students will also be required to post a new idea, concern or question about The Tempest each week.  All students are expected to participate in the weekly blog in order to facilitate meaningful discussions about The Tempest and to develop critical thinking skills which lead to deeper understanding of the material.

Hazel Pack



Meredith Stone

build a study guide for other students a good idea.  I will show them the website which will be what they use to create crossword.  They can use this to study for a science or social studies test.   Also, next time i make a lesson plan i will use TaskStream